家庭保健 is a wide range of health care services that can be given in your home for an illness or injury. 家庭保健通常较便宜, 更方便, and just as effective as care you get in a hospital or skilled nursing facility. 全国十大赌博官网 health is intermittent usually only lasting a couple of weeks to 60 days. 开始治疗需要医生的医嘱. 一旦你的医生建议你接受家庭健康服务, the home health agency will schedule an appointment and come to your home to talk to you about your needs and ask you some questions about your health. (Medicare requires the patient be seen by the doctor at least 90 days before services begin for the illness or injury that the 家庭健康 services are needed for).

Older Person having Blood Pressure Checked — Benton County Health Department — Warsaw, MO

You Must Need, and a Doctor Must Certify that You Need One or More of the Following:




  • 你必须在家,医生必须证明你在家. “回家”的意思是:
  • 鉴于你的病情,不建议你离开家.
  • Your condition keeps you from leaving home without help (such as using a wheelchair or walker, 需要特殊运输, 或者从别人那里得到帮助).
  • 离开家需要付出相当大的努力.
  • 一个人可以离开家接受治疗或短期治疗, 非医疗原因不经常缺席, 比如参加宗教仪式. 如果你参加成人日托,你仍然可以得到家庭保健, 但是你可以在家里得到家庭护理服务.


Skilled nursing service is a service that must be provided by a registered nurse, or a licensed practical (vocational) nurse under the supervision of a registered nurse, 安全有效. 确定一项服务是否需要护士的技能, 考虑服务的固有复杂性, 病人的状况, 以及公认的医疗和护理实践标准. Some services may be classified as a skilled nursing service on the basis of complexity alone, e.g., 静脉注射和肌肉注射或插入导尿管, and if reasonable and necessary to the treatment of the patient’s illness or injury, 会在此基础上得到保障吗. 然而, 在某些情况下, 病人的状况 may cause a service that would ordinarily be considered unskilled to be considered a skilled nursing service. This would occur when the patient’s condition is such that the service can be safely and effectively provided only by a nurse.

  • 健康评估,包括血压监测和其他生命体征, 血糖监测, 术后监测和远程监测
  • 教授疾病和治疗
  • 伤口护理
  • 着装变化
  • 造口术/结肠造口术教学与管理
  • 4管理
  • 药物对账并向医生或药剂师报告
  • 药物管理
  • 注射
  • 肝素冲
  • 足部护理
  • 导尿管的管理
  • 管道、排水管和袋子的管理


物理, Occupational and Speech 治疗: 物理治疗 全国十大赌博官网 health: A 物理 therapist specializes in the musculoskeletal system and provides individualized assessment and treatments to clients to relieve pain, 恢复功能, prevent further debility and develop a rehabilitation plan to improve strength, 耐力和行走能力. Our 物理 Therapists are specialists in rehabilitating patient requiring Orthopedic care ( post- operative care such as joint replacements, 腰椎手术, 骨折等. 神经系统护理(如中风、帕金森氏症、多发性硬化症等). ),以及老年护理(如去条件、虚弱、跌倒等). ). Our main goal is about keeping you safe in the home for a successful recovery. Occupational 治疗 全国十大赌博官网 health: Occupational therapists evaluate the client’s ability to manage daily activities such as bathing, 个人卫生, 沙拉酱, 吃, 膳食准备及其他. 它们还能帮助病人恢复良好的运动协调能力, psychosocial independence and help teach energy conservation to reduce risk of injury or further decline. Our Occupational Therapists also provides assistance in getting the right adaptive equipment and home modifications to enable clients to stay in their home as long as possible. Speech 治疗 家庭健康: Speech therapists also known as Speech Language Pathologists provides assessment and treatment of communication disorders, 吞咽困难和认知障碍. 他们的服务包括语言培训, 非口头交流, 声音/演讲生产, 吃/吞咽策略, 饲喂日粮调整, 认知等. Our speech therapist also provides education to family and caregivers to achieve optimum communication, and teach compensatory strategies to guide them through in the proper care for the clients.


全国十大赌博官网 health services provided by Medical 社会工作ers (MSWs) are covered by Medicare as a dependent service. This means there must first be a “qualifying skilled service” in the home such as intermittent skilled nursing services, 物理治疗, 语言病理学或持续职业治疗服务. 如果符合条件, and the beneficiary has an impediment to his or her recovery (think of a roadblock) that takes the skills of a MSW to remove, 都市固体废物服务将包括在内. MSW can assess the social and emotional factors related to the beneficiary’s illness, 照顾的需要, 他们对治疗的反应以及对护理的适应. Financial resources as well as community resources that may be available are also within the realm of MSW practice for home care. Other than Medicare, most insurance companies require authorization for MSW services.  下列活动被认为包括在医疗社会服务范围内:

Assessment of the social and emotional factors related to the beneficiary’s illness, 照顾的需要, 他们对治疗的反应, 以及对护理的适应

Assessment of the relationship of the medical and nursing requirements to the home situation, 金融资源, 以及可利用的社区资源

Services provided on a short-term basis (two to three visits) to a beneficiary’s family member or caregiver when it is shown that a brief intervention is necessary to remove a clear and direct impediment to the effective treatment of the beneficiary’s medical condition or to the rate of recovery

Appropriate action to obtain available community resources to assist in resolving the beneficiary’s problem

Exception: Medicare does not cover the services of a medical social worker to complete or assist in the completion of an application for Medicaid. Federal regulations require the state to provide assistance in completing the application to anyone who chooses to apply for Medicaid counseling services.


家庭健康 助手 will assist with bathing and 沙拉酱, personal care, transfers, and ambulation. 家庭健康助理的探访时间通常为45分钟至1小时. 家庭健康助手帮助残疾人, 慢性疾病, 或者日常生活活动的认知障碍.